When only the best will do. . . Naturally Wired NET CAFE
As computer users we are faced with ruff patches with our computer. . .

Viruses are found all over the Internet and most of the time difficult to remove. Antivirus software is automated and does not find 100% of the viruses. However, with our tech tools and manual techniques weíll remove any type of virus quickly! Even if you canít get online we can boot your computer into a diagnostic mode and still get you connected.
Computer slowing you Down? Over time extra files get added to startup and run in the background even when you arenít using them. The less available memory, the slower the response. We can go through each item that is running and remove items that are not needed. We also provide free software that will keep a lot of these processes off the computer.
Software is not perfect, sometimes errors can come up due to corruptions. We can find the root cause of the errors and clean them up for you. This includes blue screens or random errors that come up while you are working on your computer.
We have tools available that allow us to find what hardware is causing the issue. We can provide in-home service for part replacements or for any situation that does not allow you to get to us.

Lets us relieve your worries and fix your issues. We also have computer access available at our shop for use.

We also provide free phone tech support and onsite training for those situations that arrise and your not sure what to do or just need a touch up on some computer skills.